Formula 82

Formula windsurfing offers a great and stable racing platform. In the last 15 years many new shapes and design have been put to the test, some very successful in certain specific wind and water conditions, but not always up to the challenge of a sudden change. Tillo International’s Formula 82 is our most versatile Formula shape of all time. The concept has taken five years to complete and the board has proven to be the most efficient and easy board to sail in all conditions — from flat waters to choppy open seas. The design keeps the board at a maximum 82 cm wide on one foot of the tail to control the board in strong wind conditions (while otherwise become extremely physical) and continue with a single concave at the last part of the board, creating more power, as well as tracking and rotation under the foot. It is a powerful shape and easy to control in extreme conditions KEY FACTORS: •82 cm tail wide •Double concave to single concave for more power, acceleration and rotation •226 cm x 100 cm 168 L 8.0-9.5 kg CLICK HERE FOR MORE

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