Windfoil 100

The WindFoil 100 by Tillo International is the product of 2 years of testing and development on San Francisco Bay combined with a bottom shape designed by Alex Morales. The goal was to maximize upwind/downwind foiling performance in a board capable of using either kitefoils and windfoils.

It's design features include:

Multiple footstrap positions along with finbox and mast track placement that allow use of foil configurations from kite foils to windfoils.

100 cm board width to maximize leverage for control and upwind/down performance along with early planing capability.

Beveled chine forward of the rear footstraps for touchdown comfort.

Cutouts for stepped hull effect and concave bottom to reduce drag when touching down.

Increased rear deck area for foot placement.

  Steve Sylvester   Construction : Glass  $ 1899 Class / Carbon  $ 2099 Full Carbon $ 2299 custom sizes available order email at :