AS2D8428_2TILLO iNTERNATIONAL concept was born in 2010 after years of searching for the perfect board I came to the conclusion that was time to build my own. The market is full of great boards however there is always something that may not fit our style and criteria,  so now we can offer custom boards design for specific requirement on a board to board basics. We already have many pre-design shapes that have been tested for years and work really well however we always continue improving each shape and create new ones. There is nothing like a board built for you . Alex Morales contact : info@tillo-international.com   Here a bit of my background : Alex Morales journeyed from Cuba to America… by windsurfer. This is the story of his brave journey across the ocean and to becoming a respected board shaper. Images and words by Timothy Venn.
Like many of Miami’s population, Alex Morales’s life started in the Communist dictatorship of Cuba – but his journey since has been unlike any other. Fascinated by his first sight of a windsurfer as an eight year-old boy, he knew he was bitten by the windsurfing bug that was sweeping the world. However, with no windsurfing opportunities for kids, he had to make do with sailing dinghies and begging the local windsurfers for a try on their boards. This is when young Alex showed the first signs of his improvisational, ‘get-it-done’ attitude when he started to build his own kid’s windsurfer. “I started building Styrofoam boards and bamboo masts and booms. It was jury-rigged gear like a typical third-world kid – but it was the only gear I could get for my size.” Finally, a few years later, he was able graduate to real boards, and his dedication and persistence paid off when he won the 1987 Youth Event and was selected to be in the Cuban Olympic windsurfing team in 1989. CLICK HERE FOR MORE